The UPMASA Chorale PMAC 2010 performance

From El Presidente: Sam Sevandal with his ‘new look’ says:

“Thanks to all for the awesome performance last night esp to the newmembers :: Dr. Evelyn Ann Taberrah Lacuesta, Jocelyn Bendana Pedrosaand hubby Manuel Pedrosa  and special thanks to the Echiverri’s for hostingthe final practices to Danny Senseng  for his  musical leadership, Aileen Panganfor choreograpy, Manuel Pedrosa, Tony Pangan etc.. I may have to mention actually everybody in the choir”

From our music director:  Danny Senseng and his bedroom voice:

“Hello fellow Jacksonians,            I reviewed the video when we got home early this morning, and I must say… I think this ranks near the top of all our performances to date! First of all, this is the most lively, engaging and animated I’ve seen us perform…ever.  You all were truly “present” on the stage – you owned it!  The transitions between songs were ultra-smooth (for the most part, except when I forgot my hat). Everyone got their music right in tune, The choreography was awesome (Thanks so much Aileen!) and really snappy. Tony and Manuel’s solos brought down the house – I could feel and sense both of them really connecting with the audience like seasoned pros! The band played just with the right volume not to overpower the choir – thanks Dennis and Ralph and Abby! The kids… well, what can I say?  Considering that they just learned the moves for “Man in the Mirror” the night before the performance – they were awesome! (Hmmm.. I’m using that word too much..let me correct that to…SPLENDIFEROUS!). Nothing can really beat the cuteness factor, and when they ended, parang sinadya na “wave” yung mga moves nila to the left.. parang plinano! Henry as always could be counted on for comic relief with his c* grabbing move(s).  Homer conducted the kids perfectly, and I think the way the piano was situated actually worked to our adavntage since he was behind it and so did not distract the audience from looking at the kids when they performed.            So, ladies and gentlemen… HATS OFF TO YOU ALL! (pun intended). I think the worse part of the video was that I could see my bald spot on my tuktok getting bigger as the performance went on. Thanks to all of you for another memorable performance, which we fashioned under duress, with fewer practices and starting later than we ever have in the past, yet we birthed another JEWEL of a show!Thanks especially to the parents of the kids, I know mahirap talaga yung ginagawa ninyo, but this will build memories that you guys can tap into when the difficult teen years start coming along – your love of music will really bond you together and “fill your life with joy and laughter.”            Cynthia Yango-Eugenio has offered her place for a “viewing party” I believe on May 8;  pls sound off if this is date is OK for all. If not, please offer other possible dates when you guys are free. Maraming salamat po!”

From;  Susan Echiverri

“As well as hearing those heartwarming “awesomes” and “high fives” from our transposer and the tuktok and the professional male lead, what made me realize that Saturday was a real success was my daughter Rachel’s post on her FB wall when she said she  “This weekend was awesome!”
Our Chicago UPMASA had a big part in that weekend and Henry and I are always thankful that my UPMASA family always spreads its fun and fabulousness to my biologic family.  I am also very aware that maybe, our UPMASA involvement has had a big hand in helping us raise our appreciative children.  It is very hard to express this into words, this quality of our children who are proud to be in their skin and prouder still of their parents’ peculiar ways. Our children have their own lives now but they come and join us, without being invited even, and they have fun, real fun.  And Henry and I have warm fuzzy feelings.
My meanderings digress… But not really.  In future, they, the smaller chorale members who learned the moves the day before, those who yawned but stayed strong through the 4th and 5th numbers waiting for our turn, those who traveled extra across Il counties, those who were able to fit in sleep-overs with practices, they who preferred purple over red Bunny ribbons, they who tutored me in my moves and they who are so precious, precious, will grow to be more so, and will be beautiful people inside and of course gorgeous like their good looking parents.  I can’t wait to see this. Hail them, parents and offspring alike.
Thank you to all and we move forward… Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas be aware.To my snapping and swaying friends, please consider too: Sharon and the late FPJ (Kahit na Kaunting Pagtingin/Kumusta Ka, all in you tube)
To Infinity and Beyond, Sansu”

From the Pedrosas, our newest addition of songers!

“Thank you all for having us Peorians along on for the ride!  We had a lot of fun eating, rehearsing, eating, creating, eating, performing, then eating again.  Our children were wiped out but happy, sentiments we share as well.
It was especially rewarding to watch successful professionals and untrained children take the risk of looking like total fools, then step outside their comfort zones to bring joy to everyone around.
We’ve watched the Abiad’s video several times, and can’t help smiling, knowing all the fun we had preparing for those 15 minutes (of fame?).
We can’t say it enough: thanks for the wonderful experience!
Manuel (MD kuno), Jo Ann, Sofia & Cara”

Many many more comments!  Masaya ang mundo!

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