UPMASA Meeting Minutes Nov 19, 2010

Georgious Restaurant, Burbank, IL
Nov. 19, 2010

Attendance: Matt Castro, Louie Bejec, Sam Sevandal, Manny Sarroca, Sofia Garcia-Buder,
Francis Jamilla, Cynthia Eugenio, Henry and Susan Echiverri, Daniel Senseng
Auxiliary: Rene Eugenio, Cynthia Sarroca, Mila Castro, Kathy Bejec, Lulu Sevandal

Meeting was called to order at 8:15 pm by Dr Sevandal
1. Dr Jamilla presented the Treasurer’s report. Dancefest income in total is estimated to
be around $15,841. About $500 from the raffle and $9400 from the souvenir program is
included in this total. NonDancefest income included $1309 from the UP Concert Chorus
sponsorship and $2000 from the Golden Heart Home Health. Non Dancefest expenses
included $900 for advertisements, $100 for PMAC sponsorship, and $600 for Ugnayan ng
Pahinungod. We have already disbursed $5000 to the PEF for the PGH Indigent Fund. My
understanding is that our balance after all is said and done will be above $30,000. Good job
everyone! The report was approved unanimously by the body.
2. The next Dancefest, per our President-elect Cynthia Yango-Eugenio, will be on a Friday.
The date has not been set but she and/or Sam will contact Tammy Bleziak from Drury Lane
to reserve the date, which will probably be in late October- all that is needed is a $500
3. The PMAC Choral Fest will be held on Saturday March 26, 2011. Unfortunately, the
Abiads and the Jamillas have already signified their inability to participate in this activity
due to the fact that this is the beginning of spring break for their kids and they already have
made plans. Dr Susan Echiverri proposed that we involve more of the current residents
and fellows in this activity. Dr Sevandal made the motion to employ Ed Dimangondayao
once again as our musical director and arranger- this was seconded and approved by the
body. Proposals for songs: “Journey “ songs, “Black-Eyed Peas” songs, “Manila Sound”,
“HotDog” for the Tagalog songs. Nothing is definite yet, opinions from participants will be
Entertained. Dr Senseng will notify Ed of the body’s decision.
4. Christmas party – will be held on Dec. 26 (Sunday) at the Echiverri residence in
Wheaton, IL starting around 3 pm. It will be potluck.
5. Dr Henry Echiverri mentioned that Dr Rogie Tangco and Dr Roddy Sy from PGH are
Asking us for a donation to their cause- which is apparently for heart patients at PGH. Dr
Susan Echiverri pointed out that any such donations will have to be coursed through and
approved by the national PCC (Project Coordinating Committee). We agreed in principle
as long as the recipients can send us a detailed proposal as to how the funds will be spent.
6. The Maggie Palileo Professorial Chair Fund currently has about $23,000 counting the
Donations that came in this year. $30,000 is the amount needed for a prof chair. Dr
Sevandal proposed that we move $7000 from our unrestricted funds in the national
Treasury (where we currently have $11,000) into the MP Prof Chair fund to meet this
Requirement. This proposal was moved, seconded and approved by the body. Dr Sevandal
will notify the appropriate PEF and National Treasurers regarding this.
7. Dr Sevandal notified the body that we still have about $2100 in the National treasury for
the Library project. Dr Echiverri was unaware of this. It was proposed that we get the
money and disburse it care of chief librarian Gina Canseran per Dr Henry Echiverri. This
proposal was approved by the body.
8. Dr Sevandal was reminded by Dr Matt Castro that as president, he can make a charitable
donation to a Chicago Charity of his choice of up to $1000. Of course, this still has to pass
through the National PCC for approval. We probably will donate to the local Red Cross.
9. Dr Buder stated that the Philippine contact for the Indigent Patient Fund is Dr Alfie
Fonteros who is currently Chairman of the ENT Dept in PGH. Dr Henry Echiverri
cautioned the body that we should be very vigilant about whether we can trust recipients
of the money in the Philippines since in his experience even people you can trust can
actually fool you and make up fake receipts and pocket the money. It may be better for us
to be the ones to actually buy the supplies or instruments needed once the receiving party
makes known to us what the needs are for a particular patient. In any case the $5000 has
already been disbursed to the PEF.
10. Dr Sevandal mentioned that he is working to get our chapter a state tax exemption so
that we won’t have to pay sales tax during future fund raising projects.
11. Dr Susan Echiverri mentioned that she and Henry E are joining the UPMASA Medical
Mission in Pangasinan from Feb 13 to 18, 2011. Dr Sevandal is joining in the PMAC medical
Mission in Bantayan, Cebu on Jan 30 to Feb 4, 2011. All members are encouraged to
participate in one or both of these worthwhile missions, your expenses will be tax
12. Dr Senseng mentioned that he received donations in kind fo surgical supplies, forceps
and sutures from Dr Florencio Carandang and will give these to Dr Sevandal for shipping
to Dr Boy Hilvano in the Dept of Surgery at PGH.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm

Respectfully submitted:

Chapter Secretary

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