September 22, 2013 Chapter Meeting

The Chapter held its first meeting under President Susan Concepcion-Echiverri on the fall Equinox, September 22, 2013

at the Echiverri Residence in 3s161 Williams Rd Warrenville, IL 60555.


From Left:  Elmer Carasig, Francis Jamilla, Mat Castro, Homer Abiad, Henry Echiverri, Susan Echiverri, Karen Ferrer-Peace, Cynthia Yango-Eugenio, Pinky Garcia-Buder, Evelyn Taberrah-Lacuesta and Mila Castro

Minutes of the UPMASA Chicago- Northwest Indiana Chapter

September 22, 2013

Echiverri Residence , Warrenville, Illinois



Homer Abiad

Sofia Garcia-Buder

Elmer Carasig,

Mat Castro

Mila Castro

Henry Echiverri

Susan Echiverri

Cynthia Yango-Eugenio

Francis Jamilla

Karen Ferrer-Peace

Evelyn Tabberrah-Lacuesta


Meeting was called to order @ 2:00 PM


Discussions and Decisions

Election of incoming president(s) No one wanted to volunteer for the position so the next step was to go from the oldest (date of graduation). The 2 consecutive oldest(s) could not commit, so decision was made by pulling matchbox sticks.Incoming President –elect: Bing Tabberrah-Lacuesta.  (2015-2017)

I will be passing the matchbox stick to Elmer Carasig after 2 years.(2017-2019)

Resident’s night There are UP graduates in residency training programs in the Chicago area. We would like to get to meet and welcome them. We’d like to get their insights and perceptions on the needs of PGH and UP CM.Resident’s night will be on a Friday night sometime in mid -October. The venue will probably be Furama in Chinatown but the exact date and final venue will be announced later.

In the meantime, help is needed in identifying the UP graduates in residency training within the area.

Financial charitable contributions
Operation Wild fire Project   $10,000 The Operation Wildfire Project addresses the need of upgrading  rooms in the private/pay ward of PGH. This will attract more paying patients who need hospitalization. The funds from the pay wards help defray expenses in the free wards.A corollary to this is to keep the attending physicians teaching the residents, interns, and medical students as they make rounds and do not need to take additional time off from their schedules  to teach.

A medical arts building has been established for the attending physicians with private practices to entice them to stay within PGH.

The cost to renovate a room is $5000. We have donated 2 rooms.

UPMASA Medical Mission 2014 $ 1000.00 The mission will be in Dipolog. We have appriopriated $1000.00  for medications
Dean’s office renovation fund $ 1000.00 The offices of the Dean and Assistant Deans in UPCM are precariously in need of renovation. The sofas have holes in them, the flooring in the mezzanine level is sagging, etc. Henry and Susan Echiverri saw this during their recent visit as guest professorial lecturers a couple of weeks ago.$1000.00 appropriated to support renovation of the Deans offices  UPCM.
PMAC Auxiliary Thanksgiving  Dinner  for senior citizens @ Rizal Center      $500.00 This is a project of the PMAC auxiliary to provide a Thanksgiving dinner for Filipino senior citizens.
PMAC choral At the present, the final date for the PMAC Medical School Chorale revue may not have been finalized. Homer stated that since we have not needed a lot of practices in the past, song selection can be decided on as soon as we have more info. Susan will inquire about the date.
Other Projects Fund raising by the chapter will be done for projects that will go through the approval UPMASA PEF.Ideas for future projects are welcome. Suggestions included:

  1. Funding for the school established within the auspices of the Department of Pediatrics for children with chronic illnesses
  2. Funding for fellows undergoing training without pay or stipend and often need to spend for what they need to train out-of-pocket.
  3. Establishing a drug bank for expensive medications which are widely needed for the use of indigent patients in PGH.


Suggestions and proposals are welcome and will be submitted to UPMASA national for appropriation.


Pinky Garcia –Buder informed the group that the National Youth Leadership Foundation has entered into a contract  with UPCM to enable deserving High school students from the US to travel and have exposure to Medicine for 2 weeks during their summer break. This is good for the coffers of UPCM as they get remuneration for this.


Meeting adjourned 3:05 pm


Evelyn Tabberrah- Lacuesta, M.D.

September 23, 2013


Other Highlights:

1.   The UPCM and PGH “Virtualization Project” was discussed.  Support is being solicited by the College for help

2.   Ongoing project that needs continuing support: LIBRARY Project.    Any discarded Books are welcome [huwag naman masyadong luma].

3.   Concept of “Balik Turo” project of Class 81 in conjunction with the UPMASA Post Graduate Committee was unveiled to the group.  Anyone desiring to give a lecture can do so and can time it when the go home for vacation.  Interested individuals should submit their lecture title to the committee which will serve as a conduit to the appropriate body in UPCM and PGH.  NOT DURING HOLIDAYS as no one will attend the lectures.

4.  PMAC is asking UPMASA for speakers at their monthly meetings [CME].  This is usually done on the 3rd Wednesday of the month except of course during the Holiday months.  Anyone interested or anyone who knows of someone, please inform Susan or Henry Echiverri.



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