October 18 Resident’s Night

Photo of well attended Residents’ night, although there were those who were on call and could not make it.   Held Friday, October 18 at FURAMA in Chinatown.   The newbies’ names are in bold, some are already in Practice, others are in Residencies.

[top row L to R] Erik Escuro, son of Ruben & Tata Escuro M2 at Rush, Benjo Delarmente Class 2008, JP Esteban Class 2010, Charissa Carag 2011, Paul Cabanilla [Rush Internal Medicine] with Thea Bernardo Class 2006 [Endocrinology], Fareed Collado Class 2007 [Fellow in Cardiology], Anthony Montuno Class 2011.  Danny Senseng, Homer Abiad, Archie Ong Class 2006 [Stroke Neurology], Jess Martinez, Elmer Carasig, Manny Sarroca.   [second row L to R]; Francis Jamilla, Pinky Garcia-Buder, Jon Almeda, Ola Almeda, Aileen Pangan Class 94, Karen Ferrer-Peace, Henry Echiverri, Solomon Apostol, Baby Apostol  [Front seated L to R]; Mat “the Godfather” Castro, Mila Castro, Lulu Sevandal, Sam Sevandal, Bing Taberrah-Lacuesta, Susan Concepcion-Echiverri, Bong Yogorre, Marissa Estrada, Cynthia Sarroca, Menchit Senseng.  Not pictured were several of the Kids and sibs.

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