Chapter meeting 2015 Minutes


SEPTEMBER 20, 2015 at 5 PM



UPMASA members present: Louie Bejec, Susan Concepcion-Echiverri, Matt Castro, Jeff Enejosa, Ariel Porcalla, Lisa Penas, Lorraine Bangayan-Abiad, Homer Abiad, Danny Senseng, Marissa Estrada, Cynthia Yango-Eugenio, Bing Tabberah-Lacuesta, Henry Echiverri, Sam Sevandal, Marie Cleto-Quaioit, Elmer Carasig, Janny Estrada


Auxiliary members present: Cathy Bejec, Menchit Senseng, Mila Castro, Rudy Lacuesta, Rene Eugenio, Lulu Sevandal,


Agenda: Chapter Officers and AGC 2016


  1. Officers – as we do not have a slate of officers apart from our chapter President, Bing Lacuesta, and President-Elect, Elmer Carasig, the following officers were elected for the current term:
    • Treasurer – Henry Echiverri
    • Secretary – Homer Abiad
    • Auditor – ________


  1. Band for Gala Night
  • Lorraine has signed a contract with the band that was agreed upon last meeting.
  • The price is $4000 for live music from 9pm to 12 mn, with pre-recorded music to be played before 9 pm. Any additional live music after 12 mn will cost $525 per half hour.
  • The band will be there at 5:30 pm to set up. Lorraine will let them know that they will have to have everything ready before 6 pm, when the Gala Night program begins.


  1. Pabidahan
    • Chairs: Aileen and Ariel, with Danny as consultant
    • A strict time limit of ten minutes per presentation will be imposed.
    • Judges will be needed, likely the VIPs from UPCM
    • Awards should be inexpensive but enjoyable and shareable, e.g. Garrett Popcorn.
    • Awards/prizes for the Golf event will also be given during this event, likely sets of golf balls or towels.
    • A DJ will be needed.
    • Food will be plated, not buffet, costing $85 per person.


  1. Golf Event
  • Bing has quotations for transportation (e.g., van) but price will depend on the number of participants. If there are more than 40 participants, the cost will be $7 each way.
    • A staff person will be needed on-site to register the golfers.
    • It was suggested that we solicit Hole Sponsors for the event; sponsorship fee needs to be determined.


  1. Sponsorhip Committee:
    • Chair Lisa Penas has a number of potential sponsors lined up already (e.g., Morgan Stanley), including one breakfast sponsor ($5,000).
    • However we first need to put together a formal solicitation letter that will outline the cost of sponsorship / sponsorship levels as well as the different benefits for each level or type of sponsorship (ad placement, exhibit table, banner). Danny and Henry will formulate the letter based on previous versions.


  1. Registration Committee:
    • Chair Marie Cleto-Quiaoit will be assisted by Henry, Lisa, and Cynthia, and during the event we will be hiring Caroline Pinder and Pearl (from National) who work on registration every year at the AGC and are efficient and knowledgeable. We will have a registration booth that is lockable at the hotel.
    • Discounts – there was discussion about a registration fee discount for the main celebrants (Silver, Golden). This has not been given in the past, but Susan reported that National wants this in order to encourage their attendance, because members often become much more active in UPMASA after attending their Silver celebration. A final decision on this has yet to be made.
    • The Silver celebrating class will be in charge of the cost of the room for the UPMAS president (who is traditionally from that celebrating class).
    • Deadlines for Early Bird and Regular Advanced Registration: it was decided that we would use the same dates as Orlando – May 15 for Early Bird and June 15 for Regular Advanced Registration
    • Pricing – there was much discussion over prices for the different events, and the following prices were decided upon based on the prices in Orlando (’15) and San Diego (’14):


  • Welcome Reception (Food cost: $80-95)
  Early Bird Regular On Site
San Diego 130 150 175
Orlando 120 140 160
Chicago 130 150 170


  • Gala Night (Food cost: $141 inc tax)
  Early Bird Regular On Site
San Diego 170 200 225
Orlando 170 190 210
Chicago 180 200 220


  • CME (including breakfast, CME credit)
  Early Bird Regular On Site
San Diego
Orlando 100 100 100
Chicago 110 110 110


  • Alumni Lunch (Food cost: $47)

Susan reported that there were many complaints in Orlando that spouses were charged much higher than members. It was decided that we charge members and spouses the same fee.

  Early Bird Regular On Site
Orlando: member 25 25 40
Orlando: spouse 70 80 90
Chicago: member/spouse 50 50 60


  • Farewell Brunch (Food cost: $71 including tax)
  Early Bird Regular On Site
Orlando 60 60 80
Chicago 80 90 100


  • Frat / Sorority Luncheon (Food cost: $42)

This event lost money in Orlando because the hotel charged by head count in the room, and many nonticketed members came just to take photos. We will avoid this by making sure we are charged by plate served.

  Early Bird Regular On Site
Orlando 75 85 105
Chicago 75 85 100


  • Golf (Golf cost: $86 inc tax, snack coupon $10, + transportation)

The golf event in Orlando lost money because it was so disorganized. We will have to ensure our event is better organized.

  Early Bird Regular On Site
Orlando 100 115 130
Chicago 120 130 140


  • Tennis – this is not a regular event. In Orlando pre-registration was required, and no event was held. Whether it is held will depend on the level of interest; as such no pricing was set.


  • Processing/Handling Fee (for attendees not taking the whole package) – it was felt that the fee in Orlando of $85 was too expensive, and there were many complaints about that. We will charge $40.


  • Full Package pricing, as well as pricing for different levels (dues paid / not paid, retirees, trainess) will also need to be determined. The committee will meet separately to decide this.


  1. Extra Event: Oath Taking Night
    • Susan suggested that we add an extra event on Tuesday evening, with a cultural presentation and Dual Citizenship oathtaking. Such events have been successfully held at previous AGCs, and can entice people to arrive on Tuesday.
    • The consul has expressed willingness to attend such an event, and arrangements can be made for consulate staff to be present to process paperwork.
    • Ideas for the presentation include a pianist (Ariel has a contact who can play classical as well as popular music) or a chamber group.


  1. CME
  • Chairs Jeffrey and Ariel are putting finalizing a theme and putting together a lineup of speakers.
  • Some suggested speakers / topics: Susan E. on prenatal screening, Ola on bone health, Susan Tiukinhoy-Laing on cardiac evaulation of athletes, Homer on recurrent UTIs , George Pujalte on Sports Injuries, Ray Vivo, Helen Te, Transgender Care
  • Arrangements for AV equipment will be made through Susan and Bing.
  • Speakers will have to be finalized by December because they will be listed on the brochure


  1. Other Items
  • There are already 15 people who have reserved rooms for the event
  • Sales tax exemption is being worked on – Bing will follow up on this
  • Since it appears that it will not be possible to have a sweets table with local or native foods at the Pabidahan, we could have one instead in the Hospitality Room that we will have available for our use.


  1. Next Meeting – will be held in October, date and time to be announced via email.


Minutes prepared by: Homer Abiad






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