Welcome: Proud host of the Chicago 2016 AGC!

INTRODUCING our young ones: WELCOME TO UPMASA, we hope to keep seeing you on every chapter event!

Rhea Angela Salonga, Class 2004, U of C – Pediatric Neurology

Raymond Oliva, Class 2004, U of C – HTN Fellowship

Eugene de Guzman, Class 2005, Internal Medicine, Illinois Masonic

Mary Grace Santos, Class 2005, Internal Medicine, Illinois Masonic

Jason Jorge, Class 2005, Internal Medicine, Illinois Masonic

Marvin Sih, Class 2005, Neurology, University of Chicago

Gerome Escota, Class 2004, Internal Medicine, Rush St. Luke’s Pres

Aurora Posadas, Class 2004, Nephrology, Northwestern Memorial

Sofronio Ramirez, Class 2002 UIC Hospitals, IM-Endocrinology

Roselyn Cristello Mateo, Class 2007, Internal Medicine, Rush St Lukes Pres

Arlene Oliva, Class 2008; currently matching, going to Peds

PLEASE SUBMIT other names of those who were not able to attend.



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