UPMASA – Chicago/NW Indiana Chapter

The local chapter was established on July 13, 1985 with Dr. Juanito Bartolome ’60 serving as its first President. Subsequent presidents were Rodolfo Jao MD ’58, Antonio Cruz MD ’57, Erwin Gomez MD ’68, Edwin Palileo MD ’72, Benjamin Baltazar MD ’60, Rene FlorCruz MD ’70, Louis Bejec MD ’71, Matias Castro MD ’61, Rodrigo Farrales MD ’69, Daniel Senseng MD ’82, Henry Echiverri MD ’81, Sam Sevandal MD ’72B, Cynthia Yango-Eugenio MD ’79, Susan Concepcion-Echiverri MD ’79, Evelyn Taberrah-Lacuesta MD ’72B, Manny Sarroca MD ’73

Current President 2019-2021: Marie Cleto-Quiaoit MD

The Goals of UPMASA are:

1) To promote the science and art of Medicine

2) To elevate the standard of medical education nationally and internationally

3) To make contributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under the Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, or the corresponding provisions of any future United States Internal Revenue law.

4) To unite all UP Medical graduates in America and to work harmoniously with other medical organizations with similar goals.


A. Donation and support of the Century Club of PGH Medical Foundation Incorporated. This ensures that financial needs of indigent patients in PGH are met so that treatment and diagnosis are uninterrupted because of financial reasons.

B. Adoption of the Pediatric Neurosurgery and Craniofacial Operating Unit so we can raise funds to support its continued operation of almost 300 cases yearly of complex Neurosurgical and Craniofacial disorders.

C. Support of the Medical Missions of UPMASA

D. 2013: Donation of $10,000 towards PGH Director, Dr Joe Gonzalez’s OPERATION WILDFIRE, which will support the renovation of 2 Private Rooms at PGH. Certain percentage of the income generated by use of the Private Rooms will go towards support of the PGH Indigent Patient’s Expenses. Read related article.

F. Donation of $20,000 to the PEF for a Professorial Chair endowment


This is the Chicago NW Indiana Chapter website, to go to the National UPMASA website, click this link

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