The 2016 UPMASA AGC Chicago

the 2016 UPMASA Annual Grand Convention in Chicago, July 12-16, 2016 at the Swissotel




Take advantage of the discounted rates from July 10-18, 2016

Chicago UPMASA Solicitation letters:

To register by mail, download form and mail back with credit card information or check (includes Residents and Fellows discounted rates):  2016AGC.Registration Form



CHICAGO 2016 AGC update


Chicago NW Indiana members’ anxiety peaking up – wishing all will go well for the AGC 2016 here in Chicago, We are appealing to everybody to support us.


  1. Save the dates: We crammed the official dates from July 13 to 16 but maintained good hotel rates on the shoulder days.  These extra days will allow people to have more face to face time with who ever they choose.  Tuesday the 12th will be the GOLF and Tennis Days
  2. Go to the website Look for the link to AGC Chicago and therein you will see the link to Swissotel reservation. Please reserve your rooms now. It is an absolutely one of a kind hotel and we were promised that the staff will treat us all very well.  No passwords for the reservations are needed.
  3. The 14th Thursday in the evening will be for Class Reunions/party (to be arranged individually)
  4. Stay for the Saturday buffet.  There will be sinangag and tocino and corned beef specially prepared by the Swissotel Chef who is Filipina.   If not, the Chicago gals will cook it ourselves or get a food truck.
  5. The assembly of the CME topics and speakers is still in the works.  We are amazed at how much talent is available to us such that we ourselves cannot make up our minds.  Prepare to be delighted with our alumni and guests and get ready to learn.
  6. As for the Pabidahan, it is themed Roaring 20’s/Prohibition or something like that.
  7. With the gala, just be your beautiful selves and let us dance the elegant evening  away.
  8. Great band and DJ

Watch for the first mailing of Brochure and registration.   Online registration will be open on New Year’s Day!

UPMASA Chicago 2016 Organizers


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